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Medal of Honor Summit May 25, 2007

Posted by dpcough in EA, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.
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Here is video of the Medal of Honor Summit from Gamertagradio.


Need for Speed 07 Trailer May 22, 2007

Posted by Andy Feliciotti in EA, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.
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Need for speedCheck out the new Need for Speed Trailer, which is not titled yet. Looks like it will have some great customization, and the crashes look amazing. The video shows a date for 5/31/07 which could be the release date or date of the games announcement.

Andy “Someguy9”

New simpsons game!!! May 10, 2007

Posted by havoc2638 in EA, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.
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Hey guys…over at ign they have announced the new simpsons game…i wonder how this game is gonna turn out…looks pretty weird from the screenshots.



Madden 08 Themes and Shots April 28, 2007

Posted by dpcough in EA, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.
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It is Draft Day 2007 so EA unveiled some Madden NFL 07 features and screenshots. First off there is an Xbox Live theme of Vince Young, only available for a limit time according to EA, the timeframe wasn’t listed. Here’s a screenshot of the theme, sorry it’s small, it’s the only one I could find!


If you didn’t know already Vince Young is the cover athlete for Madden NFL 08, so here’s the box art for him. The curse is set upon him and his team now. Pacman Jones is already done for the year because of misconduct as ruled by new commissioner so when’s Vince going to get hurt?


Then there are three Vince Young screenshots to show of Madden 08. Click on them for a better view of the image. Tomorrow there will be screenshots of every selection from the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft.





New Skate Screenshots March 10, 2007

Posted by dpcough in EA, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

This morning I recieved some new Skate screenshots from EA, the game that may pass Tony Hawk for best skateboarding game. The screenshots are impressive. Here’s one, the rest are after the break.


New Battlefield Bad Company Screenshots March 4, 2007

Posted by dpcough in EA, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.
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I got these from EA today, there are five nice looking screenshots straight from the trailer are high resolutions screenshots from Battlefield Bad Company. These screenshots look better than Gears and according to EA is in game engine.

EA Says Wii60 February 11, 2007

Posted by dpcough in EA, Wii.
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Over at the blog Information Arbitrage one of the EA (my favorite company! – not) developers of Command & Conquer 3 was talking about EA’s focus as a company. I find what he said to be the trend of recent:

“I make video games, currently working for Electronic Arts on the latest Command & Conquer. Last year, the prediction was that Sony would win the next-gen war, that the PS3 would be the dominant console, just like the PS2 was.

That is no longer the case. The extremely strong performance of the Wii, combined with the miserable performance of Sony has revised pretty much everyone’s expectations. Right now, most of us here think the 360 will be on top for this generation, with the battle for second place between Sony and Nintendo (and that’s a major shock, as we’d nearly written Nintendo off for the non-handheld market.) Most of us still think Sony will beat off Nintendo, simply due to the older graphics on the Wii, but it’s not a sure thing.

My opinion – get the 360 and/or the Wii. Skip the PS3 unless there’s a big change in the near future.

Drew Garrett”

This seems to be a continuing trend among companies. They aren’t even brining C&C3 to PS3. In the latest issue of EGM there was an interview with Sony’s president and it was awful – terrible. EGM asked about why PS3s were in stock everywhere. He responded by saying they sell out within five minutes and he’d give EGM $1,200 if they could find one for him. The interview took place in early January. I could find A PS3 in Best Buy, EB Games, and Gamestop the day after Christmas and have always been able to find one since then. At least I choose the right two consoles in Xbox 360 and Wii. Did you?


[Via: Go Nintendo]

2 EA Demos in 2 Days January 31, 2007

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On Thursday a Def Jam Icon demo is being released and on Friday there will be an NBA Street Homecourt demo released Deaconblade360 said. So 2 EA demos in 2 Days. Two free downloads from EA in two days, they didn’t start charging for demos of games yet. That is planned though probably in the near future if their microtransaction streak remains.


EA On Gears of War – “Nothing New” November 10, 2006

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If you play video games you know about EA. Every year they crank out a sequel for their thirty franchises with little innovation and little upgrades. They got tired of working hard on Madden so they bought the rights to be the only NFL game out there.Gears of War is the killer app for Xbox 360 and is great. Apparently Alain Tascan, general manager for EA Montreal doens’t think so, he said: “What is Gears of War? I mean Gears of War brings nothing in terms of innovation to the shooter… Like, zero.” Do you know what the chainsaw is Mr.Tascan – Hammer of Dawn? Stop and Pop with cover?

He didn’t even shut his mouth after those comments.

“I’m not talking about my tastes, I’m just saying, when you go to metacritic and you see a 96 for Gears of War, then you read the critics saying, ‘Okay, storyline – there’s none, gameplay is not innovative…’ Then I say, why did they give this 96? They were blown away by the high quality of the graphics… Myself, I prefer something more creative”

Please, be quiet and don’t hurt your company any more because Gears of War is better than every game you made this year so far. You lose – make a groundbreaking game like this and I’ll buy an EA Montreal title and the $50 in Microtransactions they charge.