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Gamepro GDC Predictions February 27, 2007

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Gamepro has done some predictions for GDC and there a lots of Microsoft predictions for the good of the platform. I like this one a lot, and something about price dropping and Black Xbox 360s, click on Gamepro above for the full article.

PREDICTION: Microsoft will announce a final release date for Halo 3.

Likelihood: 75%
Submitted by: Major Mike

Why it WILL happen: Bungie has already targeted fall of 2007, but it’s likely that Microsoft will attempt to grab headlines at GDC by narrowing this timeframe down to a specific month. Riding high on the success of Crackdown (due in part to the bundled Halo 3 beta invitation), Microsoft has little to lose and much to gain. In fact, Microsoft Game Studios’ Xbox 360 plans for 2007 revolve almost entirely around Halo 3. As the first Halo game to land on the Xbox 360, expectations are high all around. Skipping Halo 3 talk at GDC would be a waste of an opportunity to get the game back into gamers’ minds as they debate whether to buy an Xbox 360 or a PS3.

Peter Molyneux is doing one of the keynotes I believe at GDC, too bad Bill Gates won’t be there. Then there would be two great keynotes, an imaginative keynote about Fable by Molyneux, then the Sony Conference.

PREDICTION: Internet commentators will love Shigeru Miyamoto’s keynote and hate Phil Harrison’s.

Likelihood: 80%
Submitted by: Dave May Cry

Why it WILL happen: It’s practically a given. The PS3’s high price point, coupled with Sony’s past displays of arrogance, have made the company an irresistible whipping boy for vitriolic blogs. In contrast, Nintendo’s new underdog status and fan-favorite Wii have made them the critical darlings of the moment. In keeping, blog reactions will almost exclusively pan Harrison’s keynote, regardless of what he actually says, while trumpeting that of the charismatic Miyamoto.



Mii Parade Record February 27, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Nintendo.
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I never thought my Mii Parade post would get as many views as it has and is one of the top pages when googled for Mii Parade. It has set a record that continues to grow with the most hits on this site and over 161 comments as of now. I talked up Nintendo a lot, then I bought the Wii and haven’t been as excited since – hopefully new games come out that push the system more and aren’t crappy minigames. I did Nintendo posts back near Wii’s launch then stopped becasue there is barely any Nintendo News since but hey – one Nintendo post is the most viewed on this site!

My First Wii Experience November 6, 2006

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If you have noticed lately I’ve been Wii happy. Today I was both. I traded in my old Xbox and got $65 for it then pre-ordered Gears of War which my store recieves the 9th. While I was there they had a Wii kiosk out with Excite Truck in it. I had some hands on with Excite Truck and the Wii for the first time ever, in bold is my first Wii experience in the eyes of a Xbox 360 Owner (preview of launch guide, I decided the bottom will be in it:)

The Xbox 360 has two excellent releases with Gears of War and Viva Pinata soon, even Fuzion Frenzy 2. When I went to Gamestop to do a Xbox 360 pre-order I saw something the Nintendo Wii. There was no controller out so I asked the employee. He told me I need to give him something of value so I don’t walk out with the Wiimote. I gave him my car keys and he told me “Please put on the wrist strap.” I was like oh whatever, I didn’t so a minute later he told me to put it on or he’d take the Wiimote away. I put the wriststrap on and started Excite Truck. After getting it to finally work (I forgot you held the Wiimote sideways and kept pressing the D-pad incorrectly.) I chose the Excite Race and did two courses. I immediately got the feel of the game right away. You tilt the Wiimote to move and hold in 2 to accelarate and up on the D-Pad to use bursts when you get them. As simple as it was it was one of the best games I ever played. The whole time I was excited, tilting and turning. I got points for crashes and there were plently of boosts. The environments were full and widely open allowing me to take multiple paths. Then I finished both races in first place.

Even though it was only a small dose I have realized Nintendo’s statement is true – playing is believing. I didn’t care that there was no HD visuals, I didn’t care there was no online support, and I didn’t care I looked like an idiot moving my body and the controller around to drive. It was a ton of fun and I can’t wait for the Wii. It’s hard to believe it is less than two weeks now. I’m not Ready, I’m Wiieady.

Look for the Launch Guide soon and impressions of games and the console. Coming to you between the Gears of War matches!

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Opening November 5, 2006

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I doubt all my Xbox 360 readers have seen the Twilight Princess opening. Here it is! I put it on Youtube, this is video I put on. It’ll hold you until the Holiday Preview Edition 2006 releases later today. Enjoy@

Nintendo World Updates November 3, 2006

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Today Nintendo revealed through a trailer Star Fox will be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl at Nintendo World in Japan. Look for a lot more updates and media from me soon. I know we are an Xbox 360 site but the Wii has gotten me excited today and I will have a unit to review for everyone before launch in the eyes of a Xbox 360 owner so look for the feature soon “The Launch Guide of the Nintendo Wii In The Eyes of an Xboxer.”

Here is A Wii Trailer of 2007 Wii Titles. Courtesy of IGN, having trouble accessing Nintendo’s servers. I put it on youtube, here it is:

Click here for a Japanese Wii Booklet onTitles from the Event.

Mario Party 8 Has Been Officially Announced. One screen has been released:

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Note: Wiis are playable in Gamestops and EB Games now, call before going as some are not out on floors or not operating.

WarioWare Preview

Mario Party 8 Preview

All Nintendo World Videos From GameVideos (Lots of Good Previewsin Video Format)

Biggest Announcement was Mario Party 8 and Star Fox in Super Smash were announced. WarioWare was my favorite title with Mario Party following. Click on previews and more previews of games played at Nintendo World are on sidebar marked as Hands On:

If you are in Japan and attending one of these beware, there was a three hour wait for Zelda as reported on by many.