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Xbox Live Headset Fix December 12, 2006

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Some people have encountered numerous issues with the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset. Apparently it must be a common problem because Gamerscoreblog posted information on getting yours fixed from the Xbox Accessory Team:

“We have received feedback from some customers that they have experienced issues while using the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset, including difficulty syncing the headset to the controller, reception interference and audio sensitivity when playing action-packed games like Gears of War.  We are committed to providing the highest quality accessories for Xbox 360 and would like to assist in troubleshooting and resolving those issues, whether by replacing or repairing the units under warranty. We encourage anyone experiencing issues with the Wireless Headset to call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX.”

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MS Not Allowing Guitar Hero II To Be Wireless??? November 8, 2006

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According to a report at T3, Microsoft is not allowing Red Octane to produce a Wireless Guitar Controller for the Xbox 360. When the PS2 and PS3 Wireless controller was announced I felt that one would soon be announced for Xbox 360 but Microsoft is not allowing Red Octane to.

“[Microsoft] aren’t allowing 3rd party manufacturers to make anything at the moment….so until they allow us to do so, we aren’t able to.”

Hopefully we end up seeing one as the PS3 and PS2 are going to have one. A wireless controller will add more fun the to experience of Guitar Hero II. Microsoft is being arrogant by not allowing Red Octane to. I support Microsoft almost all the time but we need to rock out wirelessly. Please.

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Great Vision Camera Deal November 4, 2006

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The Vision Camera came back out in September but some of us have still not bought it. So you don’t have an excuse now. For only $59.99 (includes shipping) you get the 12 Month Camera Pack. It includes UNO, Robotron 2084, Vision Camera, Xbox Live Headset, 200 Marketplace Points, and 12 Month Xbox Live Subscription. Get it before it’s gone from Stootsi. 23 Hours Until the Deal Goes Away.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Sale Stats October 27, 2006

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Gamerscoreblog has been helpful recently, first clearing up Emergence Day and now sharing the good Xbox 360 stats (they don’t mention the division lost 1.26 Billion.)

·         The Entertainment and Devices division reported 70 percent growth driven by strong performance across all of its businesses. Interactive gaming in particular more than doubled as a result of Xbox 360 platform momentum. 

·         Xbox 360 will be available in 36 countries for the holiday and our installed base through September is 6 million consoles worldwide (3.6 million in North America, 1.7 million in
Europe and approximately 700,000 in the rest of the world.)

·         As such, Xbox 360 is in an excellent position for the second quarter. By holiday 2006, we expect to have sold more than 10 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide and have a catalog of 160 high-definition games. Our yearly guidance still implies that by the end of the fiscal year we expect to have sold 13 to 15 million Xbox 360 consoles since launch.

·         Key profit drivers for the platform include Xbox 360 software and accessory attach rates, which remain very strong relative to previous console launches. The Xbox 360 accessory attach rate remains the highest ever for the first ten months after a console launch in the US, holding at 2.9 accessory units sold per console (Source: NPD). Software attach rates rose to a record 5.1 units per console (Source: NPD). ·         With the impending releases of the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player, the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset, and the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing wheel accessory attach rates are expected to continue their momentum into the second quarter and beyond.

·         Xbox Live now boasts a community of more than 4 million members worldwide, with more than 6 million expected by June 2007. Xbox Live Marketplace, the one-stop digital download center, has seen more than 70 million downloads since launch including Xbox Live Arcade games, content packs, demos, and other media. To date, there have been a staggering 12 million Xbox Live
Arcade downloads. All told, more than 2 billion Microsoft points have been sold to date.

From Gamerscoreblog

Gears of War and Epic Cost Microsoft Billions October 24, 2006

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TeamXbox noticed in Major Nelson’s latest podcast how he mentions that the double ram of 256MB to 512MB cost Microsoft billions. It was a last second change that resulted in higher costs for Microsoft we knew but Epic President Mark Rein admitted it, at least most systems had hard drives,:

“The interesting thing is that story you all heard about us costing Microsoft a billion dollars… that’s actually true,” Rein explained to a laughing crowd.

“So what happened was, my partner Tim Sweeney, we kept arguing and arguing like, we really wanted a hard drive in every single machine; that was something we really wanted but we realized that the 512 megs of RAM was way more important…”

Amusing New Xbox 360 HD-DVD Ad October 23, 2006

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There is a new HD-DVD ad from Microsoft which is funny and actually convinces me to buy an HD-DVD player. It releases soon with King Kong for $199.99 (price equals PS3 and Blu-Rays but is a bit cheaper considering King Kong is bundled.) Hopefully the HD-DVD drive will be used for more than just movies.

 Via Xboxic

Xbox Prank Phone Call October 20, 2006

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I didn’t want to post this but it is to funny not to, and Microsoft has recently charged for shipping their broken consoles so why not look at it? By shipping I mean all broken 360s must be paid to be shipped back by the customer, not Microsoft. I beat the cut-off though and don’t have to, I asked so if you already sent your 360 back don’t worry. Microsoft paid for the shipping.

Blue Dragon Starts Saving Japan October 20, 2006

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The highly anticipated Blue Dragon by the Final Fantasy Creator comes out in Japan on 12/7/06, and comes to our lands the year later. Blue Dragon, Trusty Bell, and Lost Oddyssey were highly showcased at the Tokyo Game Show. Blue Dragon is supposed to be the savior in Japan as they all love RPGs and we love Halo.

At TGS Microsoft announced a limited edition bundle for 29,800 Yen (about $250 US) including the Xbox 360 core system and Blue Dragon. In addition there will be a limited bundle, featuring all of that, plus an original table calendar, a special Blue Dragon faceplate, illustrated by Akira Toriyama, and a set of five miniature figures of characters from the game, all at the same price 29,800 yen.

There will be 10,000 of the awesome kind and 100,000 of the other. So who cares? Does this really save Japan? Well it doesn’t but it is because Xbox 360 pre-orders are selling out on the bundle everywhere. From press release:

Microsoft is planning to produce 100,000 of the Blue Dragon hardware bundles, and 10% of these will be the limited set with all the cool Blue Dragon merchandise we mentioned. […] At the end of the first day of pre-orders, most retailers are now sold out of the limited set. One major online retailer sold out of their allotment within five minutes, others managed to last most of the day…

If Microsoft was smart – they’d start making more ultra limited now because they’ll sell. Blue Dragon has started saving Japan. I felt at TGS Xbox 360 had a fresh start and it is showing. With the PS3 and Wii Blue Dragon has as much steam and could get more when the Japanese get no PS3s. I took an invite only survey and was told the components of Blue Dragon that made even me – The RPG hater want to pick it up. This game will be excellent.

No 100GB HD! :( October 20, 2006

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Yesterday we all celebrated the 100GB HDD that was mysteriously announced at X06 Korea. The image looked fake but was reported on by many leaving many to believe it was real. Unfortnately today it was denied by Boris, head of Xbox products over in Germany.

He notes that it was just painted over HDD, a fake. He also mentioned Microsoft would never do such a lame presentation on a hot new product and it wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by people like Major Nelson who made no comment on the 100 GB HDD ever, we can only dream! Let’s hope for one soon. R.I.P. 100GB HDD FOR NOW, please come back soon though.

1080p Splinter Cell? October 20, 2006

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Over at Gamepro they said there was a picture in the debug unit of Splinter Cell with a 1080p option. 1up asked and got a response it doesn’t. Ubisoft hasn’t said anything else. So does it or doesn’t it support 1080p? It would need the update to do so but it is a bit confusing. Wonder what will happen… I’ll update you if I hear anything else. The 1080p True HD is here (sony says it is true…lol!)

100GB of HDD October 19, 2006

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Today at X06 in Korea Microsoft announced a 100GB HDD Drive that will come out in March 07′, no pricing or even a date was announced. Use picture below to reference. The problems of Marketplace overload have been solved!